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Floram Plant Design, Interior Planting

Do you like a green working environment? Do you want a beautiful integration of a plant in the corresponding pot in your interior? Do you prefer high-quality plants and containers to enjoy your purchase for years?

Make an appointment today at Floram Plantendesign!

A specialist with the necessary know-how will visit you, who will look at your work environment and, in consultation with your company, will be charted the various options. This takes into account the climatic conditions and integration into your interior. After you have chosen your plants and trays, we will plant and deliver them.

Do you have no green fingers yourself, or just have no time to maintain your office flora. Then you may prefer a plant contract with or without a replacement guarantee. Our experienced people come by every 4 weeks to optimally take care of your plants.

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Surprise someone with a bouquet of flowers? Brighten up your party?

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